Feb 13, 2013

Sigma Paris Palette First Impression/Review, Photos & Swatches

LOVE this Paris palette by Sigma! Although I guess I can't really say that, as I was using it just about 2 or 3 times so far, because I got it just a few days ago.. That's why the header says "First impression/Review", because I didn't used it too much that I can actually review it, but I did use it a couple of times, so it's not really a first impression thing..
Anyway, I AM very exited about it! I've been wanting to get it for a while now, and finally did!!!

So the Paris palette is limited edition, so if you want to get it you might wanna do it as soon as possible, while it's still available. You can do it on their website (Click here for it), and don't forget to use the coupon code for 10% off at checkout (you can find the coupon code on the right side of this blog ---->).
The original price of it was 59$, but right now it's on sale for 49$!
You get it with a little book in which you can find pictures of the beauty gurus that created this palette, and each of them explains about the specific shade they created, and what it was inspired by. The cover looks like a letter, with stamps and everything, which I think is really cute!
 With any purchase of over 30$ from Sigma, you get a free gift. This time I got the E05 Eyeliner brush. And it has a pink handle! ^_^

Once you slide out the palette itself out of the cover, it looks like mosaic stones and it's really nice and expensive looking. I love the details of the packaging. It's not too big and not too small. Really comfortable for travelling as well.
Inside, of course everything comes wrapped up really nicely. The palette comes with 8 eyeshadow shades, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, 2 brushes and a big mirror.

The brushes are the F40 Large angled contour brush and the E55 Eye shading brush.
On one side of each brush, there's the name and number of the brush, and on the other side it says "Paris".
I really like the fact it has a large convenient mirror and the 2 brushes to apply the eyeshadows and the blushes\highlighter. Again, makes it really nice for travelling! Also, the color range is so versatile that you can do so much with it! You really can take this palette plus a lipgloss and mascara and you're good for a one week trip.. Or even longer! You can do so much with this palette!
The brushes are SO soft! I found myself applying blush today from the palette using the brush that it comes with, blending it long after it was already blended, just because it felt so nice and soft on the skin!
The brush is very convenient as you can contour with it (because it's angled), you can apply blush with it, and you can also highlight with it using the tip. Very versatile! Love it!
All of the shadows in this palette are also available individually. So if you don't want to get all of the palette (although I would definitely recommend it, as each individual eyeshadow is 11$ and here you get 8 of them (88$ value already..) PLUS the 2 blushes, highlighter, 2 brushes and the beautiful palette with a big mirror, for just 49$!). But you CAN get them individually here.
So from left to right, the first shade is Eiffel. Eiffel is black with multi colored glitter. So pretty! Most of the glitter I can see is red, purple, pink and silver. (Swatch is coming after the next 3 shades, so be patient! Or just scroll down a little bit to see it..).
Seine is a dark shimmery blue. It looks very velvety and rich!
The next shade is Louvre, This is the only matte shade in the palette, and one of my favorites in the palette! For some reason it turned out a lot more blue in the picture than it is in real life.. It's kind of a deep turquoise (more on the blue side). Very pretty color! It's not totally matte as I can tell it has just some tiny flecks of shimmer in it.
 Orsay is also one of my favorites.. Darn, I will say it on each of the shades in this palette!.. Well, I love them all ok??! Anyway, this shade is really unique. It's a light teal with golden shimmer in it. It's almost duo-chrome as in certain lights you can see a lot more of the gold than the teal.

These are the swatches with no base underneath. The colors are really smooth and pigmented! The sparkles on the glittery shades transfers well to the skin even without a sticky base, as you can see.
The next shade we have is Elysèes. This color is a gorgeous brown-base burgundy color with flecks of burgundy-berry shimmer. Love this one!
 Notre Dame is a very unique color. I think I've never seen anything like it before. Can't think of any dupe for it at all.. Not even something close to it. It's a silvery-berry color base, with lots of different, kind of duo-chrome shimmer in it.
The next color is called Triomphe. This is a brown color with teal duo-chrome and gold and purple glitter. Lots of pretty things going on in this one!..
Every good palette has to have a good highlighting shade, And that's what Versailles, the last shade, is. This is the only shade in this palette that you can see more glitter and shimmer in it than actual solid color. It looks white-ish in the palette, but swatches more like light gold.

Again. No base under these swatches, and look at the richness of the pigmentation!
And lastly, let's take a look at the blushes and the highlighting shade.

The first blush shade is Rouge. This is kind of an antique pink color. It has just a touch of tiny shimmer to it, that doesn't transfers too much on. They did a really good job in making the colors wearable for any skin tone because those are really pigmented and you can either blend it and wear it more sheer, or pack the color and get a darker, more pigmented effect. On the left is just a single stroke swatch, and on the right is a blended swatch.

If you really know me, then you know how much I like peaches and corals. That's why I really really like this blush! It's called Pêche, and it's a matte, warm-light peach color.

Lumière is the highlighting shade. I really like it because it's really good for using on the eyes as well as on any place on the face without being afraid it will look too yellow or too frosted or too shimmery. This is an highlight that you can't be afraid of applying "too much" of it. It just gives you a really nice glow to the face! In the palette it looks like a really light peachy pink, but it swatches more like a soft champagne.

Overall, I think this palette is really well-done, and it can compliment really all skin tones. The color range really is versatile and you can do so much with it! I think this is the kind of palette every person who really likes makeup, needs to have in their makeup collection! This is definitely my new favorite!

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