Nov 19, 2012

OOTD: Winter's Coming

Winter is almost here.. And I'm pretty scared because It's gonna be my first real, cold, Canadian winter here X_X We'll see how I'll survive haha!
It's getting colder and colder outside.. Today I wore my favorite stripes sweater (which is one of the clothing pieces that were my mom's back in the days, and now it's mine, because she doesn't wears this anymore.. yay :P) And I love it! On top I wore my black jacket and paired it with my black skinny pants and my military style boots. The black clutch added a little feminine note to all of this :)
Also, today we have discovered that apparently, Alex is a "squirrel whisper" haha. Really! He knows how to call them! He makes this noise, and they ran to us, and stop on their back legs and just stare at us! So cute ^_^

Jacket: Sektor Town
Pants: D&G
(All the other stuff are either gifts, either I don't remember where I got them)