Nov 20, 2011

NEW From Sigma - The Cities Collection (Limited Editon)

Although I've already posted about all the new collections that Sigma Beauty is going to launch before the new year. I just wanted to remind all of my lovely readers again about the Cities Collection that is coming out TOMORROW, November 21st!! Did I mention that it is super LIMITED EDITION?.. (Click on the picture below for the full collection)

Welcome to The Cities, Sigma Beauty’s limited edition travel collection! Glamorous and fashionable, this collection features seven travel-size brushes from Sigma's best-selling Essential and Premium Kits (E05 Eyeliner, E35 Tapered Blending, E45 Small Tapered Blending, E60 Large Shader, F05 Small Contour, F15 Duo Fibre, and F30 Large Powder). The brushes come in an innovative and functional travel-size container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized on the go. Each kit was designed to represent the beauty and excitement of the city it is named after.

·         New York features classic and always stylish silver ferrules and black handles, representing this sleek fashion-forward city ($59).          
·         London features 18K gold-plated ferrules and chestnut handles, representing London’s poise and elegance ($89).
·         Tokyo features electrifying pink ferrules and handles, representing this metropolis and its trend setting culture ($59).
·         Paris features red ferrules and handles, representing the romance capital of the world ($59). 
No need to say that the packaging is SO cute!!!!
This collection is like a mini version of the "Make Me Up" collection, but it is very good for traveling, GREAT as a gift to your best friend, your mom, your aunt or anyone else you can think of for the holiday! :) As I mentioned before, it is a limited edition and I can already tell you that LOTS of people got they're eye on this one.. So hurry up! And don't forget to use the special November coupon code for 10% OFF + FREE premium gift! - PSW2011 :))) Happy shopping!


  1. lovely new colors

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  3. Paris is my fav! :)