Jan 16, 2011

MAC Cremeblend Blushes Collection!


U.S. & Canada Launch Date: March 3rd, 2011
International Launch Date: March 2011

New Creme Blushes Collection, gives a new flexibility never seen before (since the lillyland collection). The billed-up formula gives variety of uses to the blushes as eyeshadow base or as blush - from the neutral soft contour use, to the dramatic retro style blush look. They are silicone-free and works great for any skintone!
After using those creme blushes, the powder formula will stay as nothing but past - memory...

Cremeblend Blush:
Brit Wit - Dusty rosy mauve
Ladyblush - Warm neutral coral
Posey - Warm peach
So Sweet, So Easy - Bright yellow pink (Repromoted from Lillyland Collection)
Something Special - Light coral
Tea Petal - Mid-tone reddish brown



  1. Hey...

    I wanna ask you!

    I love Mac actually my wife loves mac but if I dont have any Mac store near my house, you know can I buy from eBay or somewhere else?
    Sephora, Pharmacy?

    and could ya please advice me something beautiful for my beautiful wife!

  2. Sure! You can order some mac makeup from their official site which you can find on the bottom of my page!
    Also you can buy her some great makeup from stores other than MAC. Sephora for example as you said!
    Good luck to you and you're wife! You sound to be such a cute couple ;))